Ratchet Clothing Goes Barefoot

Ratchet Clothing Barefoot Walk

Dhillan posing with #BlueDuck to help promote Notts TV on the day he met Lee Todd

Talented, local designer Dhillan Bhardwaj and his innovative brand – Ratchet Clothing – are going to be at The Barefoot Walk this year!

Dhillan has been in the media spotlight since opening his designer outlet in Long Eaton, Nottingham at the age of just 17 but he is still working hard and not letting it go to his head. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. When I go out people ask for my photo and I’m like, ‘why would you want that’?”

Ratchet Clothing Barefoot Walk

Shoe-Aid Charity and Nottingham Barefoot Walk Founder, Lee Todd went to visit the Ratchet Clothing store as it is just around the corner from his house. Lee said “I’d seen the publicity Dhillan had created in local and national press and I admired what he had achieved for such a young man. I wanted to know how I could reach as many people to raise awareness for Shoe-Aid and The Barefoot Walk. Then, when we were looking at t-shirt options for the event,  it occurred to me that there might be a chance to collaborate together – so I just popped round and luckily enough – there he was!”

Ratchet Clothing #BarefootSelfie

Dhillan and Lee discussed what Shoe-Aid and The Barefoot Walk were all about right there in his shop. Dhillan was open and enthusiastic about the prospect of working together straight away. He also liked the idea of our #BarefootSelfie campaign on social media to raise awareness for all our fellow human beings who have to go barefoot every day. As a young man who now employs close to 50 staff, he has seen how being a business owner and employer can positively affect people’s lives.

Shoe Aid Barefoot Walk Ratchet Clothing

Ratchet Clothing already has close to 20,000 followers on Twitter and 213,000 Likes on Facebook! Dhillan’s impressive talent has also earned him some high-profile celebrity supporters such as hip-hop chart-topper Azealia Banks and international pop-sensation Miley Cyrus (pictured with Dhillan below).

Miley Cyrus Dhillan Ratchet Barefoot

The Barefoot Events Team are all really excited about what a label such as Ratchet Clothing can bring to the event but they, and you, will have to sit tight until we make our next announcement about this fantastic collaboration born in Long Eaton.

Watch this space…