The Barefoot Author – FREE Download!

Stewart Bint

Barefoot author, Stewart Bint, has kindly offered a FREE download of his amazing sci-fi thriller- TIMESHAFT – to everyone registering for The Barefoot Walk this year (you can do that here).

Timeshaft Stewart Bint
Stewart himself will be joining us for the walk and can’t wait – “As a dedicated barefooter I am fully committed to supporting the Barefoot Nottingham event and am looking forward to taking part in September.”
Stewart has already participated in our Twitter #BarefootSelfie campaign – why not join in? All pics on Twitter get posted to our Facebook album.
Stewart Bint Barefoot Author
Stuart really is a “dedicated barefooter” as he puts it – going barefoot whenever he can and even walks barefoot in snow (if it’s not to deep). At the moment he is going barefoot constantly, 24/7, as part of a charity event to raise awareness for Lyme Disease on behalf of his American Twitter and Facebook friend, Cat Kozich. Cat has suffered terribly from Lyme Disease since being bitten by a tick in 2007.
Stewart Bint Barefoot Author
Stewart is also doing the Amis Sans Shoes 10k event on July 20th and is dedicating his efforts to Cat. It was training for this event that made him decide to go barefoot 24/7 from May 20th – right up until the walk itself.
As if that wasn’t enough, in March Stewart jogged the Sport Relief Six-Mile event. You will not be surprised to learn that he also did this barefoot as well.
All this has generated quite a bit of media attention for Stewart in magazines, newspapers and on the radio. He is never happier than when sharing with others the advantages of going barefoot. As a result of a radio interview for BBC Radio Leicester, he has been invited back to be the In Depth guest on the afternoon show on June 20.
Maybe part of the reason that Stewart embraces the barefoot lifestyle is that as a full-time writer with four roles – public relations, novel-writing, magazine columnist and football journalist- he probably doesn’t have time to tying up laces and the like.
In Shadows Waiting Stewart Bint
Stewart’s latest novel, In Shadows Waiting, was published yesterday (June 7th) and is a horror-story with a difference. You can buy Stewart’s latest book here – but you may have to sleep with the light on after reading it if you do – forever wondering…
what it is…
in shadows…
Join author Stewart Bint for the Barefoot Walk on September 7th at Wollaton Park in Nottingham for a great family day out whilst raising money for charity at the same time.